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helped jenkins escape from police that includes a woman who checked into that canadian motel with him last week. police there say they know who she is. but they are not releasing her identity yet to the public. the search for a missing georgia mother whose former parole officer turning to north carolina now after somebody apparently called in a tip to the tv program america's most wanted. fox show featured kristi cornwell's story over the weekend. here is video of her from 194. she was walking along a remote road in northern georgia talking to her boyfriend on the cell phone as the story goes when she reportedly just disappeared. the tip to america's most wanted kings mountain north carolina about 2200 miles away. we are told the tip is credible. u.s. marshals are now said to be searching that area. cornwell's family offering $50,000 reward for information to either her safe return.
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personal people tough fight in the 201020 congressional elections. right now they control both the house and the senate experts are predicting democrats dozens much seats in 2010. shannon bream life in the capitol tonight. >> midterm control the white house. however, with analysts predicting the democrats could actually lose in the neighborhood of 25 seats just in the house it would be an exceptionally pain year for them. they could go from 256 seats to 231 and the republicans from 178 up to 203. still leaving the democrats with the majority but seriously thinning it out. as we have all seen during the health care reform fight, there are deep internal divisions within the democratic party and leadership is going to have to
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get every vote to get an agenda accomplished. see a great opportunity for power shift next year. don't count on it. long way a short time ago they were counting us out. that at least means we are back in the game and we have an opportunity to express ideas our ability to listen to the public and send a new direction for america. >> we made it clear to our members on the democratic side get ready, fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a tough cycle. the good news for us is they have been preparing from day one. >> even if democrats maintain control of both houses in 2010, there is a bit of a catch-22. unlike bill clinton in 1996, president obama wouldn't be able to blame republican congress if he doesn't get his ambitious agenda finished up by the time he is up for reelection in 2010. shep? >> shepard: thanks very much. all right. where are we? let's see. shannon, thank you.
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all right. here we go. one of those democrats up for reelection next year is a man with the top job in the united states senate. the majority leader harry reid. he behalf have trouble keeping that job according to a new poll in his home state of nevada it indicates reid faces stiff competition in the 2010 senate race and may become an underdog. the polls show senator reid with support from 38% of voters compared to 49% from one of his republican challengers. the poll of 400 registered voters was conducted by mason dixon for the las vegas review journal, the newspaper there. it was the last standing steel column removed from ground zero. and now it's returned to the world trade center site. our lead story on a fox trip across america. new york, the 58-ton piece of steel has been cend kept in hanger at the kennedy airport for the last seven years. it's known as the last column. it's removal marked the end of the recovery efforts following the attacks of 9/11. now it's to be part of the national september 11th memorial
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and museum planned for that site. california. a single engine plane making an emergency landing into oncoming traffic on the 101 freeway near santa barbara. police say as the plane was descending it, hit a an suv and crashed into a car before another car ran into the plane. the pilot says he ran out of fuel and had to land about a mile away from the airport. highway patrol reports nine people involved but nobody hurt. florida. a 3-year-old girl gets her arm stuck in a swimming pool drain. firefighters in miami drained some of the water so the girl could keep her head above it then rescuers took apart the pool around her arm. the pool said to be stable. firefighters say it appears to be some sort of freak accident. and part of a fox watch across america. shepard: we're just hours away from the scheduled lift-off of space shuttle discovery.
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there is something really special about this trip. we will get a live report from cape canaveral and the stephen colbert connection. nation. ( whooshing ) announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet. but i did. you need to talk to your doctor about aspirin. you need to be your own advocate. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you take care of your kids, now it's time to take care of yourself.
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shepard: space shuttle lift off tonight. discovery set to take off really early morning about 1:36. exactly 1:36 a.m. eastern daylight time after the rare night launch. a live look at discovery now waiting patiently on the pad at kennedy space center on the space coast. the mission, deliver experiments and equipment to the international space station. three spacewalks on schedule. phil keating is live at kfc. any prelaunch issues popping up. >> no the tanking process went flawlessly according to nasa mission team managers, everything is going just as
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planned for the scheduled 1:36 a.m. eastern time launch of discovery. it's out there on the launch pad. it will be in space for 13 days. also taking up eight mice which will live on board the space station for a couple of months. medical research to try study effects of osteoporosis. shepard: very nice. aspiring stories from one of the astronauts named jose hernandez. >> beautiful story son of migrant workers in california. as a kid he and his brothers and sister and their parents would spend all day long in that back breaking work picking cucumbers and tomatoes. his parents told him if you get a good education can you do whatever you want to do in life. in high school he decided to become a astronaut and today he is. the parents are here on hand for the launch. he says they are so proud of him that undoubtedly they will be in a much higher orbit than he will be. shep? shepard: can i tell it's raining or it looks like it's raining. that's not going to effect things is, it. >> no. they expect everything to move out by midnight. still 80% of chance of go come
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launch time. >> shepard: reporters wet or not. phil keating. thanks. shuttle packed can cargo including a treadmill that's gotten a lot of attention. it's named after comedy central host stephen colbert. this is a consolation. actually price after -- prize after minicontroversy. he won online poll after what to name the new module the space station went with tranquility. hence colbert. the name apparently stands for combined operational load bearing exterrible resistance treadmill. here is what it will look like. apparently some assembly is required. we're told this treadmill will travel in more than 100 pieces. the comedian colbert says he is glad he could help those astronauts finally slim down. sad story to report tonight a young girl in maine killed when an unusually large wave even for
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this weekend's storm swept her out to sea. a wave caused by hurricane bill. we're told the girl and her father were with other people along the coast watching those waves when one of them crashed into the group. six people swept into the ocean. all of the others survived. it happened in a acadia national park. they did all they could to keep visitors away. many did not heed the warnings. thousands of firefighters working around the clock trying to control wildfires raging in greece. the flames lighting up the night skies. they burn for a fourth day now. they have already charred some 60 square miles of land in the main forest area around athens. that's forced thousands to evacuate their homes. france and italy have sent equipment and cypress has sent more firefighters to help the greece battle six blazes that are still burning. it's unclear at this hour exactly how flames broke out late on friday.
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about 25 miles northeast of athens then quickly spread to several towns just out capital. there may be some relief tomorrow. forecasters there predicting the strong winds may finally do i down. well, they are among the largest breeds of dogs. this great danny may be head and shoulders above the rest. you will find out why next. egúx ♪ oh
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wanna be me right now. getting one. shepard: top stories coming up. but, first, we have a a new top dog and its name in s. titan. titan the great dane from san diego is more than 42 inches tall at the shoulder. we know this because a judge measured titan this weekend. guinness still has to confirm the record. it's believed titan is now the tallest living dog on the planet. the old record holder died a couple of weeks ago. for perspective here. is he about a foot shorter than the average female gorilla. updating some of fox top stories tonight. newly classified cia documents
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including claims now that the agency interrogators threatened to kill the children of one terror detainee and hinted that another suspect's mother would be sexual assaulted. a law enforcement source now tells the associated press that michael jackson's death has been ruled a homicide. and on this day in the year 79 a.d. emountain erupted. the mount vesuvius towered over. to many of the romans it was a sacred peak. it was a destination. when it erupted it caught many completely off guard. some tried to

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